Manga Blog: Food We Ate in Japan

Let’s learn Japanese with our funny and laid-back manga blog (yonkoma manga), “Food We Ate in Japan”. Read the Japanese and English version of the manga and check out the vocabulary and grammar.

Manga Blog (Japanese Version)

Manga Blog (English Version)

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Vocabulary & Grammar

  • 日本にほんべたもの – things we ate in Japan
  • 〜ぐらい/くらい – approximately, about …
  • 〜に滞在たいざいする – to stay at …
  • わくわく – onomatopoeia for excitement
  • たくさん – a lot
  • あーん – onomatopoeia for a mouth open wide
  • ジュージュー – onomatopoeia for sizzling, grilling
  • ずずずーっ – onomatopoeia for slurping noodles
  • ばくばく – onomatopoeia for eating quickly and wildly
  • そして – and
  • さらに – moreover, also
  • ほぼ – almost
  • noun/na-adjective + なんです – because …(explanatory expression)

Comment from the Author

Even though we are in Japan, we like Indian food and Chinese food so much that we always look for them (we are purely Japanese).

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